"If you aren’t amazed most of the time you aren’t paying attention."

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As a white person, is it appropriate to call out another white person for wearing a Bindi? Or is that not my place




You can call them out. 

As an Indian girl, if I see you tell another white person NOT to wear a bindi and find the beauty in my culture, I will tell you to shut the hell up and stop thinking that you know what’s the best for my culture.

Stop it. Stop acting on your fucking white guilt and thinking that you’re the PoC white knight savior. Shut up.

This though. I’m so sick of hearing all this “cultural appropriation” bull. As long as you’re not doing something offensive, I don’t understand what’s wrong with adopting aspects of other cultures. Don’t people want to share their culture? I kinda love it when I hear people talking about their next lives or karma or any of that. I can’t explain it exactly but I guess I just feel like my culture is being appreciated. Similarly, my mum actually gets excited and always points out to me if she sees any non-Indian wearing a bindi. I remember her liking Gwen Stefani because of her bindis :P it’s just not something anyone actually finds offensive. I don’t think it’s a big deal so I don’t see why you do.

Also, really what is the big deal with cultural appropriation? Maybe I think differently because of where I’m from but my country is basically built up of it. Singapore is this tiny country with a unique culture made of this interesting mix of primarily Chinese, Malay, Indian and European culture (there’s also other stuff increasingly now but it started with those four) and I think it’s pretty great. We have an understanding of each other’s cultures, our differences and similarities and we all still respect each other. We speak bits of each other’s languages, wear each other’s ethnic clothing, eat each other’s traditional food (even mix come up with new dishes that are mixes of food from different cultures). I think that’s progress. We are developing by learning from each other. Cultural appropriation is not a bad thing. People on Tumblr just use the term as an easy way to feel good about themselves by “calling people out”. It’s basically governed by the same crap as “check your privilege”.